Mold Removal & Biohazard Cleanup


Do You Think You Have A Mold Problem or Black Mold? Do You Have A Musty Smell In The Property? Do you have breathing problems, headaches, skin irritations or any allergic reactions? Do you have chronic headaches, arthritic like aches, equilibrium or balance loss? Don't take chances with your family's health!

Our professional mold removal experts here at FireStorm Restoration Services in Arona near Greensburg & New Stanton will help you understand and help you to analyze any mold problems you may have, then provide solutions to guide you in correcting them.

Mold is not only ugly and unsightly when seen, it can also adversely affect the air quality in your home. Air quality and the health of you and your family go hand-in-hand The Mayo Clinic reports that there are over 150 different mold spores that can be the cause of problems as simple constant throat tickle, snifiles, or, go as far as asthma and pneumonia.

FireStorm Restoration Services is fully equipped to handle your mold problems. Our technicians use high-tech equipment and verified techniques to immediately contain and remove the mold that can grow between walls, underneath floors, in ceilings, and in furniture and other household items. After our initial assessment of your mold problem, we move quickly to ensure the health of your family and your home is protected.

Biohazard Scene Clean-up

Biohazrd clean up isn't something that should be taken lightly. You shouldn't have to settle for a cleanup team that doesn't see it as a serious matter. As a highly professional team, we respect crime scenes, trauma scenes and many other types of biohazard scenes. Crime scenes to unsanitary conditions, we can help you. Biohazard cleanup isn' t something you can just do yourself. It takes a professional cleaning crew who is trained and prepared to handle blood, decomposition and many other types of biohazard waste.

Biohazard cleaning and decontamination

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Trauma scene cleaning
  • Biohazard/blood cleanup
  • Death/human decomposition
  • Unsanitary conditions

No matter what type of cleanup you need, we are always respectful and complete a thorough cleanup.