Why involve a property damage consultant?

The insurance company claim process for property damage is very much a brutal jungle. While the average person has a difficult time reading and understanding their policy, insurance companies do not. Insurance companies write policies to benefit themselves. Do not sign anything with your insurance company until you consult with FireStorm. Know your rights before you sign them away.

The insurance company is not your friend. Their purpose is to close the claim with as little expense as possible. One excellent example of this is "drop checking." Drop checking is when an adjuster shows up at your property and writes you a check on the spot. This amount typically is not enough to cover the expense of damage mitigation and repair. When property owners realize it's not enough money, it's sometimes too late. Another tactic used by Insurance companies to minimize payment is the use of a "preferred vendor". A preferred vendor is nothing more than a company that agrees to work for the insurance companies' reduced price list. This in many instances can lead to sub-standard workmanship. These preferred vendors are there to agree with the Insurance Company's scope of work and price. Many times it becomes difficult to have that vendor return to complete the work at the agreed price. At times they will say they have a 6 month wait. Homeowners get tired of waiting, hire someone else, and may end up paying out of pocket.

What can Firestorm Consulting do for you?

When facing uncertainties that come with property damage, FireStorm Consulting will help clients find the comfort and compensation they need. We are proud to have seasoned adjusters on staff, with more than 33 years' experience, to help navigate clients through the confusing claims process. FireStorm Consulting will protect the clients' best interest. If necessary, Firestorm Consulting will assist with Public Adjusters and/or Insurance Lawyers. FireStorm Consulting will do whatever it takes to maximize claim dollars.

We have years of cases like this....

Teresa and Peter W. - Elderly couple experience a water damage due to faulty roof installation. Their insurance company sends out an adjuster. The adjuster drop checks them $4,193.67. After months of working with property owners, FireStorm was able to secure $54,611.77 from the insurance company.

Jim D. - Property owner experienced a fire. The upstairs was a 4 bedroom apartment, almost a total loss. The downstairs was a deli/catering business that had smoke and water damage. The adjuster wrote an initial estimate. FireStorm became involved an was able to secure an additional $106,695.72.

You've spent years paying premiums. Know what you're entitled to before settling.